Best Weekends are for Mountain Art Wear T-Shirt, Hoodies and Black Leggings ♡

Ok, I admit it, I am not really T-shirt and T-shirt kind of girl (at least outside the house that is), but since I discovered Mountain Art Wear, I am so obsessed with their cute T-shirts that I just wearing them on my casual weekends! 😎💥💣💫

Yes, just look at those eyes (of course being a cat owner got a kitty T-Shirt 😻😻😻)!  However all of you dog, bunny, hamster, frog, wolf or bear owners must not worry, there are plenty of choices for all of you on so check them out! 🐱🐰🐹🐶🐴🐢🐘🐔  Best part is that all these cuties are manufactured sweatshop free and totally ethically and environmentally friendly! 💚🌿💫

My Miko cat loves my kitty cat shirt, too! I must admit he is a little jealous, because he wants to be on my T-shirts (such a little cat model wannabe). 😻😻😻


But it is chilly out and raining a lot in Italy (I have November in this country), so a cute hoody became my lifesaver on cold, humid weekends!

Love this fantasy line, it is soo dreamy and girly! After all, what girl does not want a castle and a unicorn in her life?! Jokes apart, these sweatshirts are super soft and comfy, they look cool (especially, if paired it with a pair of black pleather leggings) and the hood on them saves the hair from the rain (who wants to carry an umbrella anyway).

Still not convinced?! Well, check out how cool is this look on a cold, rainy fall day! Well, what else would you rather wear?! It is comfy, it is girly and a bit bad ass dreamy! Ohh yes, you can always throw a long coat or a leather jacket over the outfit, but that just might be another post with another hoodie (because I already ordered more and I think my Miko cat wants one, too)!

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