Winter Mountain Getaway in Italian Dolomites!

It is the weekend and the best part about the weekends is that we can escape somewhere special and away from daily hustle! When it comes to traveling I am always in, whether it is a sightseeing city break or a relaxing nature getaway! 🗺🏛🗻🌏


Let’s be honest I am not huge winter lover and honestly I cannot ski  (I can go down on a slate 😂😂😅 and there is an awesome 3 km long slate track in San Candido ❄ but I still get cold too fast to stay out too long), so what is the girl like me do in the Dolomite? It’s simple: I eat, enjoy spa time and beautiful views! 💙❄💙

Only imagine waking up with this view! 💙🗻❄💙  Throwing on your velvet truck suit  (because velvet is super trendy, comfy and perfect for cold weather of winter getaways) going out to the terrace refined in wood, breathing in the fresh air and going down for breakfast! ❄💙❄

Breakfast in the Sudtirol is amazing!!🔝 Everything from local farmers eggs, cold cuts and cheeses to homemade jams! 🍜🍡🍳  I am Obsessed with their blueberry and raspberry jams, beeswax fresh honey and herbal tea mixes (I made mine by combining green, cranberry, raspberry and apple tea mix)! Yummy! 🍇🍓🍋🍃🍵

And if you are staying at Barenhotel the spa and pools are right by the ski tracks and helicopter landing area! 💙❄💦 Who needs skiing if you can play a mermaid in a warm pool with this view and time to time go to do some saunas and wet rooms in a 3 floor spa facility  (yes, I said 3 floors of saunas, wet rooms and relax areas). 💦❄💙💙💙💙💙❄💦


All you need to remember is to hydrate with ginger lemon water or mint cranberry water! And maybe to come upstairs for meals and buffet tea snacks at the beautiful wooden dinning room (rooms and dining rooms in Sudtirol region are often finished in special wood that helps slow down the heartbeat for a complete relaxation). ❤



At night time you can stay in the spa or go downstairs by the fireplace, have diner at the hotel or go out to the local restaurant club Gassl!  The food at the Gassl is amazing; from tender stakes to pizza or local canederli; everything is genuine and locally cultivated!  Best part of eating at the Gassl is that after dinner, you only have to take a flight of stairs to end up dancing and partying with locals and skiers! ❤

So when you decide to visit to go for an Italian winter getaway, do not forget about Sudtirol region, because it’s views of Dolomites are breathtaking, ski and slate fun are available for all levels, spa time is just perfect and the food is yummy!  What more can you possibly ask for? ❤



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