Home-made Egg Mask for perfect Skin and Hair❣

Living on the beach has its pros, but the sun and salt damage definitely show up after the summer season! City pollution and dry air does not do any better, so in fall time we all need some extra help to restore our skin and hair locks!

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I am all about eco-friendly and natural remedies, so I obviously my beauty routine includes some of the home-made beauty secrets❣ Are you ready for the first one?!  IT IS AN EGG 🐣🍳🥚! YES, an egg with a half tea spoon of olive oil, if you wish❣

So take a raw egg (an egg is a little chick in the making, so it has all the vitamins and minerals a body needs, sort of like a chicken placenta), add a half tea spoon of olive oil for extra nutrition and mix together. 💫🥚💫

So your mask is ready to apply, I like to start with my face and then proceed to decolte, hands and body❣ It all depends on how dirty you are prepared to get! 🐣😂🥚 If you do not want to do a body mask, apply it to face, neck, hands and remaining on hair lengths! 😇

Once you are all yellow and covered in egg (YES, the smell is not pleasant, but resist), wait for the mask to penetrate at least 10 min❣ Luckily it does not take long for the egg to dry up and penetrate! Once it is dry, jump in the shower and wash it off! If you did your hair, shampoo, condition and rinse extra well all the Egg!  It might take some extra rinsing, but trust me the result is totally worth it❣

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  1. Loved this article! 🥂 I’ve tried the egg white masks before and they really tighten my face like actual face lifts!

    1. Thanks, hun! YES, egg masks are great 🐣 I also like to do a coffee grinds scrub before the egg mask to remove the dead cells and afterwards the skin looks amazing❣ 💫😍

  2. I will have to try this! I love home made recipes. I am so picky about what goes on my skin! Thank you, I will be reading more!

    1. Hey! Homemade recipes are the best (they are like grandma’s secrets)! 😉 You should be picky of what goes on your skin 😎 I turned to natural and homemade long time ago (if it is safe enough to eat, it is safe to use is my rule)❣ Let me know how you like this mask (egg smell apart it should work great)❣😘😘

      1. I actually just tried it about 15 minutes ago. My skin is literally glowing, and I love it. I wasn’t so sure about it, because I was putting the egg on my face and it smelled so… EGGY. Totally worth it, thank you!!!

      2. I am Sooo glad you liked it ❣ Yes, smell is unpleasant, but totally worth it 😅🤗 Now, you have to try the coffe scrub 😂🤗😘

      3. I just read the blog you posted on that! I always have coffee in my house, this will be tomorrows experiment! Love your posts!!!

      4. Thanks hun❣ I love yours, too❣ And have smoothing up 🤗 I do a coffee scrub about one a week and it works great; plus it is recycled and free 💖

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