Montecarlo Mon Amour❣

As the fall days are getting greyer and winter air is starting to hit the streets, why not to take a weekend getaway to the place of splendid, blue skies and eternal sunshine?! No, I am not talking about going as far as Australia  (even though I would love to visit the continent), but Montecarlo❣ The land of luxury, good-life and certainly a great climate❣

Every fall I make it a ‘rendez-vous’ at this magical place of beauty, extravagance and sunshine! Even though, deep fall weather, may no longer permit you to bath in the sea, but it is perfect for the seaside promenade! I just love to go from Montecarlo Yacht Club along the shore and then all the way up to Fairmont, where you can enjoy the views of the boats in the sea and art in the park!

If you take the elevator up, you can see the MYC from above, as the giant boat shaped structure hosts lunches and welcomes its wealthy guests arriving on the helicopter platform! The world’s ‘la crème dé la crème’ comes here to pass their breaks relaxing, shopping and partying!

Here, I love to go see the ‘Adam and Eve’ bronze statues by Botero and ‘Madame’ promenading right above the sea shore❣ Also do not miss the giant rainbow hexagon before you head over the Fairmont, by the Buddha Bar and right into the Casino Square❣

As you head over to the Casino and the historical ‘Hotel du Paris’ you can enjoy some window-shopping (or actual shopping if you one of the lucky terrestrials who can afford it) at Chanel, Valentino, Prada, Dior and other super chic boutiques❣ I personally enjoy the window displays and why not dream a little bit with admiration❣

No need to despare if you cannot afford the boutiques in Montecarlo, because the Casino and the views are absolutely free❣ So get you cell phones ready and be ready to take some serious selfies in the middle of the Square❣ Boys will be excited over the various Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Roys and all different car toys parked around, so you can take time for your glamorous selfie-shoots❣🤗📸👑

Another wonderful and absolutely free place to visit in Montecarlo is the Japanese Gardin❣ It is a very unique relaxing Zen place, build for Princess Grace Kelly, where local and tourists can come to relax and re-charge their batteries, while listening to water sounds and enjoying the garden views❣🌱💚 

After a full day of exploring a dinner place is very important and here you can choose between the top restaurants in the world or a simple sushi or pizza place❣ So let’s start from world famous Italian restaurant ‘Cipriani’; here in a warm laquered-wood interior you can enjoy fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and some great pasta and fish dishes (all very tasty but if you live or travel to Italy, it is not all that impressive for the price you pay)! However, you can encounter lots of vip and celebrities enjoying the fresh Italian delicatessen❣ If you are a fan of Japanese, Nobu at Fairmont, serves some amazing sushi and mochi to a very chic cliantelle enjoying  beautiful and very costly view meal, overlooking the sea❣ Both places are amazing, but if you are on a budget try a local Italian pizza restaurant or Sushi Planet, so you do not have to starve for the rest of your vacation! 😋😇😈 

After dinner you can simply go for a walk or go to Buddha Bar if you want to relax! Otherwise head to Jimmyz, Montecarlo historic danse club or Twigga (Fabio Briattore’s gem situated right on the water of Monaco)! If you are partying on the budget then Sass Cafe is where you should go for dancing, mingling and fun for just the price of a drink❣ Hope you enjoyed this little trip we took into the sunny Montecarlo, let me know if it was helpful  and have fun travelling ❣🤗

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