Making Perfect Italian Pasta Easy as 1-9❣🍝

They say cooking is a way to a man’s heart, well I am not sure if it is true or not, but it sure helps keep mine happy❣😉😅 I was not born a pro chef, but living in Italy for years (and secretly watching them cook) helped me learn a few tricks; that I am ready to share here with the world❣🍝🤗


Olive oil




1 Fresh Red Chicory (Radicchio Rosso)

1 Burger meat (or raw sausage)

1/2 Jar tomato sauce

Parmesan Cheese

1) What I learned is that every pasta sauce starts with some garlic (use 2-3 sliced cloves) and olive oil (3-4 spoons just enough to cover the pan bottom about 3-5mm deep) and let it flavour up on low flame for a couple of minutes❣ Be careful to keep the flame down, so that oil does not evaporate and goes into smoke (that is when it becomes toxic)! And that is the most important step – the ‘golden base’ to any sauce (Yes, it is that simple)❣

2) Next will be adding veggies to our ‘golden base’, I used Italian Red Radicchio (but you can use mushrooms or zucchini or auburgines), all cut in small pieces and mixed in with a wooden spoon❣

Mix everything together, add a pinch of salt and let it cook for a couple more minutes❣

3) In the meantime, put water to boil for your pasta (always use a big pan filled more than half way by water).

4) Now we are ready to add meat; I chose to break down and add one burger (broken down sausage also works great)❣ Add a another pinch of salt and mix it in (here we have to cook for about 5-10 minutes in order for meat to turn brown and be ready). 5) While, meat is cooking add a tablespoon of salt and pasta to your boiling water (I like to measure in plate portions, so I can orient myself), but be careful in timing!


6) Pasta should be ‘al dente’ – just perfect, not too hard and not soft, so cooking time is Very Important! Check the cooking time on the box and subtract 1 minute (if the box says 10 minutes, cook for 9 minutes, if it says 12 cook for 11), because to make perfect pasta we will be finishing that last minute of cooking in the sauce!

7) As the pasta is boiling on timer, we can finish up our sauce by adding tomato sauce. The reason we add tomato sauce last, is bcs it does not require long cooking time, but it simply blends in all the ingredients together❣ Once again stir everything together and keep cooking on low for a couple of minutes, until the pasta is not ready!

8) Once the pasta time is up, add a tablespoon of pasta water into your sauce (just a bit of cooking water adds taste to the sauce), drain all the pasta and add it into the sauce pan❣

9) Mix in everything and let it cook for the remaining minute or two (remember that minute we saved from boiling will finish our pasta in sauce)❣ This will blend all the ingredient together 💗 for a perfect pasta dish❣🍝

Now, your pasta is ready and you can serve it directly or cover it and let it sit for a couple of minutes, until your guests are ready to eat❣🍝💥 Yes, it is really that easy and I just wish somebody would have tough me this earlier, but Italians hide their secrets well, so I am sharing them with you all❣

When ready, serve your pasta with a touch of parmesan, if you please❣ However, do not make huge portions, just enough to enjoy it❣ If you have left overs, just leave them on the pan and warm up later, as this dish will be great, even the next day❣ Hope you enjoy it and let me know, how your past turned out 💋

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