#mfw How to Smart Shop to look Glamorous and Expensive!


Hey Boys and Girls! It’s the weekends and it is #MFW weekend, so here is my mini Tribute to Made in Italy! All the love for Italian Iconic Brands and the Logo Mania arranged in a very Classical, Luxurious and very wearable set!

Truth be told I purposly used only pricy luxurious accessories and kept the clothing of unknown brands. It is smart to invest in few luxury items to dress up your outfits and make it always look expensive.


First of all, if you are not swimming in money, but want to look luxurious, buy a brand name evening purse! You do not need to show off at work, but you want to be glamorous on your special nights out! That is why I recommend an evening version; check out Prada or Fendi (my first luxury purse was a Black Fendi Pochette on Identity Chain and I still love it and wear it today), plus these brands are always in demand and can be re-sold! If you have a greater budget then Gucci, YSL or Chanel would be your top picks! You will never have a problem re-selling a Chanel! ❤

Second item that makes my must have list is a Luxury Fashion House Watch. Versace, D&G are usually very affordable, if you have a bigger budget invest in Cartier, Bulgary, Rado, Chanel or Rolex (I personally would go for Rolex or Cartier, as an investment time-piece).💎💎💎

A posh cell phone case (mine is Moschino and I love it)! You will have your phone everywhere and literally everyone will see it! So those €60-80 will be well spent and will make you feel like a million, every time you will pull out you cell❣

Sunglasses 🖤🖤 if you are good with your sunnies, make that purchase, as these will totally elevate your look❣ I personally never buy sunglasses over €120 as I tend to loose and scratch them pretty fast!

Gloves, Belts, Earring with Logos (Gucci GG, Fendi FF, Versace Medusa, Chanel Signs)❣ Logomania is huge and it is here to stay, so invest in that accessory you will love and wear❣ Plus, if you take care of them, you will be able to re-sell those pieces, even years from now! I recently sold a pair of Chanel clips from the 70s that I inherited, but could not wear (I loose clips right away)❣

Shoes, I personally do not care what brand are my shoes, as long as they look great and they are comfy! Of course, if you have the extra-cash you can buy iconic pieces like Valentino Rockstuds 💎🖤💎 or Gucci Slide-ons or Chanel bi-color boots❣

So here is the best part, your clothing does not have to be from luxury labels! Check the fabrics and the stiching, choose proper fit and sizing, but do not spend a fortune on it!

The fashion industry changes so fast, that it wants us to shop every season! So we accumulate pieces and end up with closets full of stuff and nothing to wear! My solution is to invest in re-makes of classics, re-visited essentials!

A pair of black-dress pants can serve you for years, just accessorize them with a different top, shoes and belt! A white dress shirt with a fun cut and fabric will literally, serve you forever! A little black fur or feather jacket will also be useful, as long as you choose to keep it❣

I chose a re-visited basic outfit with luxury accessories for this set, because we all want to look glamorous and fashionable without going in debt! We work hard for our money (well most of us do), so let’s be smart and make our wardrobe a smart investment❣😘😘






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