Name: Inessa

Surname: Vassilieva (that’s where V.Inessa comes from)

Nationality: Ukrainian – Russian

Passport: Canadian

Residency: Italy

Education: Post Grad in Fashion and Art Direction, MBA (yes, I am educated)

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, French (I moved around a lot)

Hobbies: Modern Art, Design, Fashion, Arts and Crafts, Photography, Travelling, Yoga, Dancing, Swimming and Esoterism  (practically, I am an artsy witch who loves to travel and go sight-seeing)!

As for the rest, I do not like labels or definitions, I just live with passion and share my experiences here on my blog! ❤ ❤ ❤





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  1. Ola says:

    Not sure if you remember me but we went to that Ukrainian Saturday school in Toronto together (I go by Ola but in Ukrainian Olya). I was googling fashion and came across your blog by accident and was like, she looks familiar. I know, totally random. Anyhow, looks like ur having fun in Italy. I’ve been living in Tokyo, Japan for the last 8 years but Europe is def on my list of things to do.

    1. Hey! You are probably right, but I cannot see your pic, so I cannot remember! 😓 Sorry, Japan must be very interesting and yes, Europe is great! 😊 I’m glad you googled me, though and add me on fcbk or instagram as inessa vinessa, so we can keep in touch and I can actually put a face to a name! 😜

  2. Carlos Garrido says:

    Hola. Quisiera saber que se siente ser tan popular. Eres feliz? Cuál es tu meta? Cordialmente Carlos

    1. Dear Carlos! I do not consider myself popular, as popularity has never been that important to me, but Happiness is very important! Therefore, that is exactly what my goal is 😊 to be Happy and Do what I love! 😊 So wishing you a very Happy 2017 and hope you find you find your Happy goal! 💫💥All the best, Inessa 💋

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