My Paintings

I have been painting ever since I remember myself. I was a very shy and quite kid, that didn’t play much with kids, maybe because I was an old soul that did not relate much to other children or maybe because all I ever wanted to do was create art. I remember painting, drawing, making things and even sawing or doing embroidery.

In high school, I completed a full art curriculum at Bishop Allen Academy and I attended M&N Segal School of Arts in Toronto. Later, I completed a graduate degree in Fashion and Art Direction in University of Bologna.

I went on working for Luxury Living (Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi Home, Heritage and Kenzo), that introduced me to the world of luxury furniture and design.

Today, I live and create in Italy, experimenting in Mixed-Media (I love mixing different materials) and Cross-Arts (combining visual arts with music and cinematography).

Here, you will find my collection of paintings from early years to the most recent works.

‘Exotic Jungle Dragon’ Oil on Canvas 25×35
‘💖4Mamik’, Mixed Media 25×35
“Happiness is a Dragonfly” Oil on Canvas 35 × 45