My Paintings


I have been painting ever since I can remember myself. I was a very shy and quiet, as a kid and I didn’t play much with other children; could be because I was an old soul, so I did not relate to my classmates or maybe because all I ever wanted to do was create art. I remember painting, drawing, making collages, sculpting or even sawing and doing embroidery. In high school, I completed the full art curriculum at Bishop Allen Academy, while attending M&N Segal School of Arts in Toronto. Later, I completed a graduate degree in Fashion and Art Direction in University of Bologna, Italy. I went on working for Luxury Living (Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi Home, Heritage and Kenzo), that introduced me to the world of luxury furniture and design.  I spend a couple of years working in luxury yachting, which exposed me to International luxury art and developped my taste and appreciation for luxurious beauty. Today, I live and create in Italy, experimenting with Mixed-Media (I love mixing up different materials) and Cross-Arts (combining visual arts with music and cinematography).Here, you will find my collection of paintings from early years to the most recent works.

“Happiness is a Dragonfly’ Oil on Canvas 35 cm × 45 cm

This was one of my first oil paintings created some 15 years ago, out of school curriculum (while you are in art school, you follow the class curriculum and do not have much time to experiment). This time, I was done art school and I wanted to paint for myself, just enjoying the process and relaxing. it is simple, colorful and textured; looking at it through years, always made me soo happy! Today, after more than a decade, I realized how much of my art this painting actually foreshadows: I love playing with light and smudges, I always use bright colors, especially magenta, that is present in most of my works; as well as flowers and dragonflies,  that often populate my works! 

‘Bach’s Magic Insomnia’ Mixed Media 50 cm×70 cm

Some 15 years and many painting later, this art-work was born! This time in acrylics in a 1,5 hour live piano session to ‘Bach’s Goldberg Variations’, as the music was playing, I was depicting the images it evoked in my mind.  There was no initial plan or idea, no reference or sketches; I just painted to the music.  It was a wonderful cross-arts experience, sort of like a meditation to live music. As you may notice, years went buy but my subjects and colours somehow remained similar. Today, as an experienced artist I recognise my love for brightness of primary colours, especially magenta, as well as blue indigo and deep green.

The work was later detailed in further painting sessions, as well as silver foil was added and a coat of epoxy resin with pink glitter to add a wet glossy look to the canvas with a touch of magic.

As for the name of the painting, it was explained to me that Goldberg’s Variations were written by Bach on a commission from Sir Goldberg, who suffered from insomnia and requested a relaxing compilation to listen and fall asleep to, so I called it Bach’s Magic Insomnia.


‘Inspired by Ravenna Art Mosaics’ Acrylic and Gold Foil on Canvas 50 cm x70 cm

This painting was inspired by the beautiful Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna. I was always attracted to Byzantine and Orthodox Religious Art, but Ravenna is something truly unique and very impressive! I always wanted to try mosaics, but here I re-created the theme pattern of the famous Battistero in Basilica of San Vitale in acrylics on canvas. The backdrop of blue sky with colorful stars saturated in golden details, visited by 3 white bird silhouettes, maybe The Holy Trinity. When I started this painting, I knew exactly what I wanted to portray and I actually planned it out (something I have not done since art school), because I usually prefer working by instinct.  As planning art work, is no longer my style, I purposefully left the paint run and blend the colours. I just love the imperfections on art process, because to me it makes the piece so much more special and truly unique.

‘Pink Fire on a Silver Lining’ Acrylic on Canvas  with Silver Foil details 60 cm x70 cm

This was my first ‘Abstract Experimentation’. I had no idea what I wanted to potray. I decided on colours and that was it. First, the giant flower of fire was born and slowly the water and reflections evolved around it. I created this art piece in a very burrascous time of Siberian fires by Lake Baikal and it probably sub-unconsciously influenced my art. Looking at it afterwards, it reminded me of another painting I did earlier this year.

‘Lost Somewhere in Fresh&Clean’, Acrylic on Canvas 50 cm x70 cm

This painting was a commission for a dental office. I wanted it to be dreamy and perfect to get lost in while waiting on a dental appointment. It is done in acrylic on canvas, in my favourite colour hues of blues and magenta, but the best part of it is that, it can be whatever one wants it to be! Some people see icebergs, other clouds or the sea. It is sort of a figurative abstract, that passes from smooth strokes to chunky paint blobs that come together in scenery that open  up for the viewers immagination. The red kite is the only certainty in the painting, while it flies over the surreal red horizon line.