A little Painted Town of Dozza in the Heart of Italy..

Somewhere on the Italian hills, not too far Bologna (yes the city of Lasagna and Ragu Bolognese and the world’s oldest University), there is a medieval town of Dozza! Looking from far, it is like many other small medieval towns in Italy (borghi medievali); easily recognizable by tiny streets laid in pebble-stones, enclosed by a wall of houses decorated with flowers on the windows and grandmas sitting by the entrance doors ❣

However, as you enter Dozza and you walk on the streets, that remind of a stone-labyrinth under a blue sky, you realize that this one is different! 💫 Yes, there are small pebble roads and these do lead uphill to a Castle, (all medieval towns lead up to a Castle, yes, a proper castle, once inhabited by Italian nobles, protected by the stone walls, as a Fortes)!  In the town of Dozza the houses on these roads are all painted by contemporary artists and here you understand that this place is not your usual medieval town❣


This place is really something else; it is like walking through an art gallery, where the paintings were done right on the houses ❣


So here are some of my favorites❣ Like ‘The Angel of Dozza’ 💜 or what I call ‘Picasso of Dozza 💙 (sorry, but I just had get in the action myself)..


If you prefer more of a classical take on art; there is some Still Life paintings (yes, I am opening the painted drawers)❣ Some figurative art (yes, those are #theater actors, just like me)❣Or even Venitian cityscape (btw, I hope you did not miss my Venice Carnival Post)❣


Yes, practically every house in this city is a giant canvas of art to display❣ As you can see most of these works are by contemporary artists and have been painted in 1980’s-1990’s, so fairly recently!


And do not forget to make your own stamp at the entrance of Dozza, just stand by the first painted house❣💮 One last thing, you are probably wondering if there is a Castle on top the town?! Of course, there is a Castle and it is actually a wine-seller, now❣🍇🍷 Yes, but that is a whole new post❣


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