Welcome to My Life.. Day Dreaming ;))

Welcome to My Life..  Day Dreaming ;))

I would looovvve to spend my life on the beach, somewhere on a deserted island!

Just lying around, enjoying the sun, listening to the water waves and maybe sipping on a cool drink.. <3<3<3 Wouldn’t you like that? (Yes, yes we would need a fridge on the island)! I would spend my days painting, reading a books (ok, ok, mostly likely magazines and yes they deliver them to THE island) or blogging on the cell phone (ohh yes, there would be electricity for the chargers and an internet connection)..

Well, I guess it would have to be a a semi- deserted, semi-island!! ;))
Now that I think about it, I already have moved to a semi-island!! And, yes, I do live on the beach (ok, maybe not all year long, but at least 4-5 months per year, when it is warm) and even though, I do not lie around all day sipping on drinks, I do spend most of my free time blogging and painting and reading, so maybe I cannot have everything, but I do have my semi-island, that I love! Life is good, not always, but mostly and it’s good, because it is full of surprises and it varies!!

Who wants to live in a deserted island anyway, how can you blog there? Where are the theaters, art galleries, fashion shows or museums? And most important of all, where are the restaurants, ice cream stores, spas and shops?! Soo, I am staying here, in Italy, on my semi-island, where life is full of surprises, but it’s generally great! ;))


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