Sum ups.. Life, fun and fashion.. on Inessa Vinessa Instagram

Hey, guys and dolls, did you miss me?!  I sure have missed you all! ❤  This week has sure been busy and quite interesting! Here, I pulled out some of my instagram moments to sum it all up.. 🙂 or you can just directly follow me on Instagram as Inessa Vinessa ❤

It started more or less like this.. Me, shooting bathing suits on the beach with an awesome award winning photographer, Carlo Pelliccioni (but I will tell you all about that in another post)!


I celebrated my Grandma and sister’s Birthday!  Soo lucky to have such a great girls in my family! <3<3<3

Birthday girls

Randomly ran into Batman Romagnolo! (I will have to make a post on it, he even had a Bat Mobile)!


OMG, had to do some restoration surgery on my antique chairs. The truth is they had wood-warms, sounds horrifying, but I actually never got to see those bastards, still needed to do the treatment! PSShhh!!

Antiques restoration getting rid of wood worms

Went to Milan for some castings!  Yes, it is only a 3 hr train ride :(, but I am determined to work hard!

Inessa in Milan Central Station

Did some ‘gardening’ ;).. Don’t laugh you all, it’s the best I can do!

Cactus plants on my balcony

And tonight I am determined to put my dancing shoes on and get ‘jiggy with it’.. After all ‘I work hard and deserve to play hard’ 😉


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