Marc Chagall exhibition in Milan.

I recently went to Marc Chagall exhibition in Milan, on until February 1, 2015 in ‘Palazzo Reale‘.

I never seen his work before, but I really felt his soul overlooking those beautiful 220 works of art.

MarcChagall painting

I saw his love for his native Bielorussian town of Vitebsk, as he constantly painted it overlooking an Orthodox Church, even though the artist himself was of Jewish descent.

the-promenade by marc chagall

His eternal love for his first wife bursting out from every painting, featuring her first, flying from love and after her death, as an angel bride (which girl doesn’t dream of a loving husband like that)! ❤


His attention to detail, as well as the importance of home for this person and his love for its every angle!

window-over-a-garden-marc chagall- painting

I felt his fascination with farm animals, especially the cow and the rooster!

cow-with-parasol-1946-marc chagall- milan

As well, as his passion for Paris, his adoptive city!


I saw artist’s suffering for his people during the war years and his disappointment in human kind.

the falling angel by marc chagall

But I also, saw hope, love and human unity in his paintings, that made Pope Francisco claim Marc Chagall’s ‘White Crucifixion’ as the most important work of art of the XX century!

marc chagall white christ papa francesco

So if you are in Milan these days or see an exhibition by the artist anywhere in the world, do go see it!  I promise you will not only enjoy it, but you will feel it with your heart! ❤

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