Halloween for Costumes for Singles, Couples and Groups!

Sooo Halloween is around the corner and as my guy -friends say; “an excuse for girls to dress up as sluts” :S.. Sad, but it appears to be true!  Obviously, look at the costumes we find for sale in the stores.

I know every girl wants to feel sexy, but unless you are a performer or work in a show biz, no need to be walking around the streets looking like this (even performers take off their costumes, once they are off the stage).

sexy halloween-costumes-ideas-for-women

If you are single, dressing up slutty will no get you the attention from the right kind of guy, it will only intimidate him.  If you want to meet someone or keep your options open, while having fun, try an interactive costume!  Yes, an interactive costume, that you or a guy can use for first approach, but remember keep it sexy, not slutty. 😉


For example; you can be a cat with a tale, tons of guys will want to pull on it and that will give you an excuse to talk to them or a devil with a fork, in this case, you can choose who to poke, etc!!  Anyway, no matter what costume it is make it with interactive accessories!


Couple costumes are my personal favorite, probably because my boyfriend never wants to dress up and give me the satisfaction! 😦


So, I really secretly envy those couples that manage to come up with great matching outfits or simply just buy some!  Pirate & Mermaid, Playboy Hef & Bunny, Shrek & Fiona, whatever you wish (I even found Penis & Vagina, but let’s not exaggerate)! ❤

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-halloween costumes mermaid and sailor

Halloween crazy couple costumes penis and vagina

The bestest, best Halloween costumes are the group ones (those were my most memorable Halloween celebrations, where we dressed up as a group and went partying around the city)!! 🙂



Care-bears or trolls or matrioshkas are all super fun and easy to make!  Just remember be a team player, stay safe and have fun, no matter what you dress up as! <3<3<3

team-halloween-costumes for groups

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