Which Fantasy Victoria Secret 2014 Fashion Show Fantasy Bra Do You Prefer?!

Victoria Secret Show Fantasy Bra for Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio

Less than one month left for Victoria Secret 2014 Fashion Show, once again I missed the casting memo 😉 but cannot wait for this year’s its London premier on December 2! <3<3<3

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014 in London Leather Jacket

Girls are getting ready, working out and trying on their outfits!  So, today we gonna check out the fantasy bras, because this year we have not one, but two of them to be worn by the Brazilian top models Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio!! 🙂  Lets check them out! ❤

Do you love them?!  Which one is your favorite, red or blue?  🙂

Adriana Lima wearing a blue fantasy bra for Vistoria secret 2014 fashion show Alessandra Ambrosio wearing read fantasy bra for Victoria Secret 2014 Show

I am personally leaning towards the red one, Alessandra is wearing, but both art pieces are gorgeous, so honestly I wouldn’t refuse any of them! ❤

So, boys and girls, Let me know which one do YOU like best (the fantasy bra that is)!! 😉

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  1. augustmacgregor says:

    I like the red one better, since it has more jewelry to it — and that makes it look even more exotic, like a belly-dancer’s outfit. I’ve got to hand it to their designers — both bras are stunning!

    1. I totalky agree 😊 @augustmacgregor

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