Making a Little Bra Brit Hat ;)

Those who personally know me, know that I love painting, sculpture and arts and crafts!  I wanted to start posting this section a long time age, but never got to it, so when most of the web addicts do a ‘throw back Thursdays’, I want to introduce a ‘lets make something fun Thursdays’! 😉

Today, I will show you my how to make chic little hats out of old bra cups (yes, now you all know my secret)!

Making a chic little hat with a bra arts-and-crafts

Here is what you will need:

  •  old bra
  • some lace
  • fake flowers (at least one, but you can add more)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • glue gun
  • hair pin

Making a brittish little hat necessities

Cut out your bra and a piece of lace of about 15-20 cm.

bra little brittish hat do it yourself

Saw up the piece of lace to the side of the bra, where you cut off the band that went around your body.  Make sure to fold the lace on itself every 1 cm or so, to create pleats (if you don’t know how to saw, use a glue gun)!

chic little hat for ceremonies

Lastly attach your flower on one end and I attached the leaves on the other (be creative, after all it’s your little hat)!

Add some pins on the inside and enjoy! ❤


Here are some varieties I have made! Great part is that you can use whatever you have at home, so have fun and be creative and if you wish, please let me know how your turns out! ❤

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