Typical Italian Easter Lunch!

Happy Easter to all of You, boys and girls! Hope You have lots of fun celebrating! 🐣🐀πŸ₯


Haha, I just came back from Easter Lunch at My boyfriend’s parents and wanted to share with You, what Italians eat for Easter! First, thing first You have to eat a Blessed egg in the morning on an empty stomach (Ukrainians have this tradition, too, so it’s probably universal for all Christians).🐣🎊


At lunch we started with ‘passatelli in brodo’ a tipical dish from Emilia Romagna region, which is basically a pasta made out of bread and cheese in chicken broth! Believe me it’s very yummy! 😍


Then for the seconds You must eat fried baby Lamb ribs πŸ–(as It cleans your sins), but I refuse to eat those! πŸ‘ Poor little lam, I rather keep my sins and only will have asparagees! Those I like! 😜


For Dessert we had ‘zuppa inglese’ translated as ‘English Soup’ (I’m Not sure in English actually have this dessert or Italians just Call it that), but it’s a Sweet cream with liquor and red biscuits! One of my favourite I would say! πŸ˜™ Tomorrow, I was told we are having Lasagna and Rabbit, but that is for Easter Monday, so a bit less traditional!
What are You having for Easter Feasts, let me know what are the typical dishes in your country and how do You celebrate?! 🎊🐣

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