All Black Look with Fringed Jacket and Tuxedo Pants ready for my Dance.. the Beach Rain Dance that is..

Hey boys and girls, sorry if I was not keeping up with posts, but was super busy with work! I 😦  However, it is finally the weekend (my first free couple of days this month) and it’s raining!   I personally, do not mind, because it gives me a chance to catch up on my things, but my friends are going crazy and complaining about the weather!  all black look with fringes on fashion blog

Ohh, yes!! It was sunny and +20′ all week long, here in Italy, but today it’s Saturday and it’s raining!  Everyone, who was hoping to go for a walk on the beach or park is freaking out, so being a good soul that I am, I decided to help them out! ;)) Yes, I organized a rain-go-away dance photoshoot! ;P


Sooo, we are out and about doing the rain-rain-go-away dance with my photographer friend, Micky Rosata!  I decided to honour the Mother Nature and dress up pretty fancy, but comfortable and unisex!  😉  Yes, those who follow me, know how I love dressing as boy with a girly twist and playing on contrasts! ❤


Love this black fringed jacket, it is so much fun to dance in, as it adds so much movement!   I wear it alone with a pair of black fancy pants or over white T-shirt with a pair of jeans or even a party dress!  It became one of my essentials pieces, as it works with everything, it easily fits in the luggage and it had saved me on several occasions! 😉  Hopefully, you like it, as much as I do and so will Mother-Nature, so tomorrow my friends and I can see some sun and enjoy our day out! ;))


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