Urban Sporty look for the Spring with chunky net Sweater and beloved Black Leggins!


Spring time is here, but the weather keeps surprising us with the sun one moment and the rain the next! Soo how to dress for this crazy weather?! The Key word is layers!


For cooler rainy days I love the High Black Leather Sneakers paired with a pair of symmetric Leggings and a Fish -Net Sweater.😎💚💤💣


Somehow, Net Sweaters always save me in spring, as they are Not as hot and look pretty interesting.


This particular one is pretty thick, but in You are lucky enough to Live in a warm country, you can opt for a looser net! 😘


The comfort is undeniable and weather proof, but no one can say that You look boring! 😎


Oh yes and don’t forget to bring a rain jacket and a scarf, just in case, it gets chilly in the evening! 🌂⛅☁☉☀

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  1. Fupark Fashion says:

    Love u Sweater… U got a nice style 2

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