Crochet Dress Summer Weekend Look


I first fell in love with crochet dresses years ago in Cuba! πŸ’™ I attended a local Havana designer’s fashion show and could not take my eyes off the tall, tanned models parading in pale coloured cord dresses! 😍😍😍 Of course, I immediately bought one and been wearing it ever since. πŸ’—



The crochet is a huge growing trend and it is spreading from the beaches to the cities! I love to wear mine at the weekend! Last weekend, I even ended up watering the garden in it! πŸ˜‚


Yes, yes I know it’s a bit crazy, but I was bored and the plants looked like they really needed the water, so it’s just kind of happened! 🌱🌡🌿  A girl has got to entertain herself and save the world while doing it (fashionably of course)! 😜



Soo ladies whatever you decide to do in your crochet dress (from dinner to gardening), I assure you that you will feel incredibly sexy and as a result have a great time! 😜 BTW, I already ordered myself some new models and I think our doggy Lara wants to model some, too! 😘


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