Best Spring Fashion Pair is where Longuette Skirt Meets a Jean Shirt


Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming 🌼, sun is kind of shinning  ☉ and everyone has no idea what to wear!  😂😂😂 Have you noticed how spring is the season of fashion disasters?!… The winter clothes are too warm and heavy, while summer ones are not appropriate at all, so all the weird combos come out to display! 😈😇


I kind of figured that the best thing to do, in order not to create disasters, is to start with basic wardrobe staples and build on those! 😎   A Denim Shirt is a perfect example, this basic must-have, paired with a longuette skirt (in black pleather or sequence if you are dare) will give your spring look uniqueness and personality! 💥💣💥


If you are osè enough you can add a little colorful jacket and purse (pink is the top color of this season, but not every girl likes to look like Barbie), so alternatively, you can throw over a jean jacket or a little black one for a more elegant ensemble! 💟💐


Nude tights seam to be always a huge dilemma, some people hate them, others don’t mind them!  I personally don’t mind, only if these are chosen in the right shade and even prefer them to bare purple-white legs in early spring! However, if you don’t like nude tights, invest in a pair of nude fishnets; these will keep you from freezing, will add some color to your skin and will look appropriately sexy!


As for the footwear, this look will look great with a pair of masculine loafers, pumps or little boots, depending on your occasion! I chose little black boots and black secretary style sunglasses, as my pink jacket and purse these looked very chic! 😇😈

This outfit made me feel trendy, sophisticated and simply great; that day I got tons of compliments from both men and women! So it seams like, best solutions for spring start with basic pieces, that properly accessorized into a fresh, trendy look! 😘

Denim Shirt by Bershka
Skirt by Tracey Wong 
Pink Jacket by Max Mara Weekend 
Pink Purse Love by Moschino
Watch by Coccinelle
Sunglasses by RayBan



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