Winter Fur Coat Choosing the Perfect One or Two..

Soooo it is winter time and sales season, so when would be a better time to buy your fur coat if not now?! Yes, because unless you live in Africa or another perennially hot country, you Do Need One or Two or Three  (I can go on and on) and no animals need to be killed or tortured, as today’s faux fur looks and feels as great as real! ❤🐺🐑🐼🐰🐾 Yuppy Yuppy Yeah!!! ❤

Let’s start from the basics; a little gray fur jacket  (I have mine for years and been wearing it every winter)! Chiara Ferragni has a little darker one, but  been  loving it, as well! So, if you are a fur coat virgin, you might want to start with a fluffy gray or light cream number, that you can basically wear with anything! 

If fluffy gray is a little TOO fluffy for you, because you are a rock and roll kind of girl, try black or even better a leopard print! 🐾 I prefer bigger print like the one on Kristina Bazan, but depends what you will find, even though this piece is huge now and practically all major stores have one (saw a great one at Zara), so if you are daring enough get it in a coat length (see Chiara Ferragni’s), you will not regret it! 🐾

I call it Casper  (because that is exactly what mine actually said on its tag)! ❤❤❤ An over-size vintage 90s cut with giant sleeves and shoulder pads furriness! ❤ I inherited mine from my mami, so mine is gray and I have been living in it since last winter! This year Gucci presented one in pink, so obviously Chiara has one and the blue one for less tender chicas (BTW Guess store has an amazing fluffy blue)! 💘 Of course, I want a pink one, but can’t afford Gucci just yet, so I will wear my gray one until they decide to send me a pink one! 😅💘

As you probably have guessed already colorful fur is a huge trend, but investing in a pink and blue, and lilac, and gray coats can be quite costly, so not everyone can afford it (unless you are  Chiara Ferragni or a Princess of Iceland, of course)! However a perfect solution can be the rainbow jacket! Fendi made theirs first and others followed! I got mine in gray -black -fuscia combo! It is a mini fur jacket, one can wear alone or over a coat (sort of like a vest with little sleeves)! I probably would not get it as my first fur coat, but as something extra to brighten up gray winter days and all that black wardrobe 💟 

All photos were taken from Chiara Ferragni and Inessa Vinessa Instagram pages!

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