Make it a Summer Berlin Trip❣


If Berlin is on your travel list, why not make it a Summer getaway?! It surely will not be a typical beach vacation, but unlike Athens or Rome (where it gets too hot to stay even by the water in summer, never mind sightseeing), Berlin has a pleasant temperature to do all touristy exploring❣


Just remember to bring a pashmina, an umbrella 🌂 and at least 2 pairs of walking shoes 👟👟 (yes, it rains a lot and unexpectedly, so guess who got their runners soaking wet and had to go around in flip-flops the next day?! A choice was between those or heels, obviously heels remained untouched! There is so much walking to do, that nobody wears heels in Berlin)! In general, I am pretty good in packing, but to know what best to bring on your trip, check out what locals wear❣

So when in Berlin dress like a Berliner.. 😎🖤💣💥 I follow some German bloggers and I really recognized their style in the city vibes! 🖤  It consists of black tight pants and oversize long black sweater, sunnies and white runners! 😎 I am not a huge fan of all black, but it works for travelling, as practical, cool and simple! 💣💥😎 As for some color, Berliners compensate with colourful hair, green is the most popular shade (I still remain a pink hair fan)❣

As for the city itself, Berlin is like no other European city; with its new buildings and large roads and very well connected Metro (transport system is great and runs pretty late), it reminds more of a North American city placed in Europe! One can feel it in the air that Berlin paid a big price of war, it destroyed the city; that had to be greatly rebuild and never fully erased the pain.

So what do you visit in Berlin, if you are not huge Techno House fan (yes, Berlin has some of the most famous Techno Music Clubs in the world)! Well, there is East-Side Gallery with Murals on Berlin Wall, WWII Soviet Soldier Memorial Parc, Sony Imax Centre with colourful lights, Parlament House, Half- standing Church,  Holocaust Memorial, Charlottenburg Castle and beautiful Postdam❣ Curious? Well, this was just a small preview of my Berlin explorations, soon I will be posting my full list of places to visit and things you cannot miss❣

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