Beautifying for the Holidays with Coconut Coffee Smoothy Scrub❣

Holiday season is around the corner and we all want to shine and show up some smooth skin in our festive outfits❣ So if you have been neglecting your body under the layers of clothing, it is time for rescuing operation, called ‘coconut coffee smoothy scrub’❣

All you will need for your all over body scrub is brewed coffee grinds, yes, the used coffee remains from your coffee maker (love this part, no need to buy anything and we get to recycle)! I never throw away the used coffee from my mocha, but let it dry up on a dish in open air (do not place humid used grinds in a closed container, because they will form yucky mildew)! 

Take your coffee into the shower with you, get wet first and start rubbing in the coffee grinds❣ I like to start with my legs and bum first, that way it stays on longer and I get to massage them really well (those are my critical areas and coffee is anti-cellulite so it does double the work), then I scrub my arms, tummy and back! I repeat the full body scrubbing from bottom to top and lastly I do my chest, neck and face❣ Now, I am ready to turn on the water and get rinsed❣ 

A little warning; coffee scrub can be a messy business 😎 so I personally prefer to do it in the shower (so my entire bath does not get dirty with coffee grinds)! When, I first discovered coffee scrub in a hotel spa in Tunis, they would add some olive oil to the coffee and massage in the mixture on the entire body, later wrap you in cellophane, to let it all soak for 20 minutes and than rinse! 

Personally, I find that adding olive oil to coffee at home is just way too messy (you cannot immagine having to wash the shower afterwards), so I use it by itself and only after the shower, when I towel dry, I follow with coconut oil, as moisturizer❣

Yes, I just love coconut oil, as it is all natural, smells super yummy and keeps my skin super hydrated❣ I buy a mega jar in a natural food store (as some people cook with it, it contains no parabens, no silicon, no paraffin or any other harmful substances) just 100% natural coconut oil, that I basically use, as body cream all year long, especially after the coffee scrub for that perfect ‘coffee coconut smoothy’ skin❣ 

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