Dreams do come true with love + passion + hard work

Dream big and do what you love!!

A couple of days ago I posted these videos on my instagram and those that  follow me as inessavinessa can confirm it!  ; )

I was sooo genuinely happy that day to be working out outside (working out is something I usually do, but not necessarily always with enthusiasm).  That day I was truly enjoying the processes and the beauty of nature and the sea, so I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it.. ❤



Two days later, I booked a job for Technogym, a major exercise equipment producer.   I shot their advertisement campaign on Thursday.  🙂


So, I just had to share this with all of you!  🙂  Do what you truly lovework hard and passionately, and you will see the results!  Put your heart into it and follow your dreams,  whatever they are, because dreams do come true, one little step at a time!

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