Black Leather with Blushing Baby Pink!

Sporty fashions are booming this season!  Alexander Wang just launched the urban athletic line for H’n’M!   Nike and Adidas are collaborating with young and hip designers, who introduced cool prints and styles!  Chanel for two seasons has been sending models on the runway in runners!  Casual sports wear is happening and it’s happening right NOWll!! <3<3<3

black leather and baby pink look

Honestly, I never been a fan of clean cut, preppy office wear (it’s just a little too boring and uncomfortable for me) and now that fashion promotes cool casual cuts, I can totally live with these pieces

black leather urban fashion casual look

Those who regularly follow me, have noticed that these days, I love to wear my high black Reebok runners, as they are super comfy and cool!

Also combining contrasting feels, fabrics and colors; like black pleather pants with a pink, sequence, zip up top and a stitched through Marc Jacobs chain purse can be really interesting!

black pleather pants and pink sequence sport top

The resulting casual-sporty outfit is totally fit for those chill-axing, but stylish days off!   😉

Thanks to Michele Rosata for photos collaboration! 🙂

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