Canadian Winter Wonderland with some Snow Storms and Electric Blue Fashions!

canadian snow storm photo shoot blogger.jpgIt’s snowing in Canada already!! 🙂  In fact, Niagara Falls and Buffalo region have been getting some crazy weather these days, which obviously caused some inconvenience, but honestly, what can be as exciting as the first snow storm! ❤

guess winter boots on the snow

So get your winter boots on (I love my white Guess pair) waterproof and slip safe! Put your warm pants on (no jeans allowed in cold weather, they freeze instantly) velvet pants, like these ice gray pair from Juicy Couture are much more functional and stylish! 😉

mother and daughter in canada winter forest

In Canada you have to bundle up and combine fashion and practicality! Look how red our cheeks are!

Only my mami manages to be so stylish in her electric blue Danier Leather Duvet Jacket (mine is from Roots Canada) and pom-pom hat in the winter snow! ❤


All ready lets go explore Canadian cottages by the lakes during the winter storms! 🙂

looking into the snow winter landscapes

All under mami’s supervision of course!! Mums are special, because we are always kids for them, especially when we live far away and come home for holidays! ❤

canadian snow landscapes

Look how beautiful, everything is covered with snow!  It almost feels like you are in Alaska! 😉

snow landscape in canada frozen ontario lake

snow banks and canadian cottages on the lake

ontario cottages in winter.jpgExcept some wooden houses here and there!

A Subaru in Canada winter

A four wheel drive car that got you there (after our first trip to Toronto, my boyfriend came back to Italy and got himself a Subaru Legacy and he is in love with that car ever since).

shoveling snow in winter houses

Of course mami finds herself a new way of getting some exercise by shoveling the snow!<3

winter juicy couture blue track suit at the cottage.jpgI pop out to help and get some wood for the fireplace in my Roots Canada Duvet Jacket (it’s my boyfriend’s favorite store in Canada, he is the Italian Roots fan)!

Having wood for the fire place is crucial on freezing days like these!  😉

electric blue juicy couture track suit

Warming up by the fire in my favorite electric blue Juicy Couture tracksuit (I love Juicy tracksuits and never miss the occasion to buy one, while in Canada) 😉

winter roads in canada.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this trip to Canadian Lake cottages with my family, but now it’s time to get back home from all the winter wonderland! ❤

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