Spying on Italian Hipster Fashion Scene and What Are You Wearing Out Tonight?

flow drinks by anna qzzolin

Tonight we are getting the inside scoop on the Italian Hipster Club Fashions from a very special duo, Anna Qzzolin and Mr Kitty Kat photographers.  They were on a mission, so lets see what they have found! 😉

Anna qzzolin photographer with her kitty knapsac

They arrived early and got some sugar soda before the night started!

flow vinyls disks in a bag by anna qzzolin

Vinyls were out and DJ was ready.dj set tatoo hands sleeves goodluck by anna qzzolin

flow girls sneakers fashion by anna qzzolin

Ladies were starting to arrive (no heels, but sheer tights and drapy fabrics were definitely big)!

flow shoes by Anna qzzolin

Rigorously black boyish shoes! 😉

flow black lace and boys shoes fashion look by anna qzzolin

Love boyish Brit elegance with socks and feminine lace!

flow wedges shoes sandals by anna qzzolin

Found some black chunky wedges! 🙂flow hair cousin it clubbing by anna qzzlin

Cascades of long hair!

flow lips and nails anna qzzolin

Dark red lips and nails! ❤

flow red purse in the club by anna qzzolin

And lonely red leather purses! ❤

flow fashion skeleton dress in blak leather by anna qzzolin

Some black leather dresses! ❤

fashion shorts look by anna qzzolin

Chain clutches, cropped tops and little black shorts! 🙂

flow scream girl in the maze by anna qzzolin

The show was starting!

flow dancers clown performance by anna qzzolin

The Clowns were dancing!

flow dolls dancers club performance by anna qzzolin

The dolls were ready!

flow white peals cascades by anna qzzolin

All dressed in beads!

flow fishnets ass by anna qzzolin

The Kitty was Naughty!

flow drinking kitty backpac bag

Kept getting more drinks!

cat apsack in toilet by Anna Qzzontin

And going to the washroom!

flow fashion men's shirt dogs and lips by anna qzzolin

Got scared by the dogs!

flow dancers performrs by ann qzzolin wolf and sheep costumes

And big bad dancing wolf!

This was their reportage, it had a great start, but unfortunately Kitty got distracted by the dolls, fishnets, wolf and dogs or maybe it he just had too many drinks! 😉   However, we thank his red haired friend Anna Qzzolin for these wonderful images and for keeping an eye on Kitty Kat, especially when he is drunk and naughty! 😉

flow drinks shoes in the club by anna qzzolin

girl with a kitty backpac by anna qzzolin

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