Biscuit color pleated skirt, turtleneck, some extra socks and scarfs!


It’s chilly out and incredibly humid,  but I decided to wear a skirt anyway!  My boyfriend’s only reaction was: ‘isn’t that skirt too short?!’ So pulled it even higher and went out like that anyway!


Honestly,  I don’t like dressing provocatively,  but after all I was wearing dark tights and long socks! So I didn’t see it as a big deal.


I didn’t wear heels, but opted for flat boots, a simple turtleneck (love turtlenecks in winter and so glad they are back in fashion this season), an extra big scarf to keep warm! 


I accessorized with big rings and added a chain purse with a sweater coat!  😗



What do you think of this look boys and dolls? ! Is my skirt too short? ! 😉

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