Boxing Day Shopping Essentials

Hey all! Are you all ready for boxing day?! Here’s my list of lady’s essentials you just cannot miss this boxing day! Sooo what are you waiting for?! Get fuelled on your coffee and run! ❤

Boxing Day Shopping Essentials
 a chunky knitted turtleneck sweater in cream or grey will keep you warm & trendy,
 a beige coat is a timeless classic that is booming this season,
 a cover cape with fringes a great must have, try it in tartan or native prints,
 a black fringed dress jacket will be a perfect pass-par-tout for your evenings out,
 black leggings with leather patches look great with about everything day or night,
 a pair of pleather shorts can be worn over stockings or bare-legged any season,
 a good pair of high, black leather boots will last you may seasons,
 a stylish backpack,
Don’t forget a cute black beanie to keep you warm and a pretty sparkling collar necklace to wear over your sweaters during the day or dresses at night! ❤

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  1. Quick question! I couldn’t find a twitter account on your website, could you add a link?
    Anish Wentworth

    1. Hey Anish! Guilty as charged! 😦 I am not big on twitting! I will add a link eventually, but you can follow me on instagram, as inessavinessa (I ❤ instagram) 😉

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