All Black Sequence Tuxedo is the Perfect Glamour Look!

Yes, yes, I am guilty, as charged! do love sequence <3.. Even though sequence can be a bit daring and I do avoid it for day looks, at night or eve better the New Year’s eve it works great! 🙂

new year all black look sparkling tuxido

Black sequence looks great and very elegantly chic, but be carefully, as it does add weight! 😦 It works well, if you are on a skinnier side (or on those lucky b****s with perfectly thin legs), who don’t mind to appear bigger! 😉

Here, I chose to wear it over a black vintage body from La Perla (yes, it is a lingerie company, but their things are very classy and beautiful).   A girl should never look cheap or trashy or show too much!

inessa fashion blogger model black star purse

I accessorized with a black rock-star looking clutch from Jimmy Choo for H’n’M from my purse collection and thick metal necklace with little crystals!

Inessa head shot black hot girl

I wanted a strong makeup for this look with dark eyes, brows and nails, while kipping the lips pale!

It made me feel strong, seductive and a bit bad, sort of like a panther, man eater! 😉

So, if you want to hunt someone down on your New Year’s eve, this just might be the right look for it! Grrrrr

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