Sequence all over and Spakle Choker for Party Night Outfit.

I am still thinking of New Year’s outfits and testing my options! 😉 Sequence is going strong and today I am trying a little sequence black two piece with a native print (it’s actually two tube skirts that I purchased, in order to wear one as a top in the two piece set – do not tell anyone my little secret, though) ;)!

sequence sparkling top and skirt mermaid new year look

Considering the straight line of the tube top 😉 I added a sparkling, baby blue collar in swarowski crystals (I chose baby blue, because it went well with colors of the skirt prints and it brought out the color of my eyes)!  Adding a little spark to your New Year’s outfit is never a bad idea! 😉

inessa vinessa blonde girl mermaid blogger

I added same color glitter on my eyebrows and lashes! ❤ I used purplish-blue glitter, because my eyes are green, so it works on contrast (use green glitter for brown eyes, red-orange glitter for dark eyes, copper glitter for blue eyes, while gold and silver are universal, so these work perfectly well on any eye color)!   This look makes me feel like a mermaid! ❤

party look sequence top and skirt leather jacket and metal slutch girl

On top I wore a leather jacket (to make a bit rock-n-roll), but a little fur coat will work even better! ❤  Add a metal fun clutch (there are so many hot metal pieces on sale this season, so make sure to pick one up) and your party outfit is set!

This look is perfect for a dinner and dance club, as you will definitely be the shinning star of that dance floor!

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  1. Mónica says:

    Es precioso!!! es un look muy elegante y a la vez rockero…me encanta 🙂

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