Spring wardrobe, keeping It Essential with a Pop of Color!


Spring is here and it is getting warmer, but not quite warm or cold enough! πŸ’›πŸ’™ I love that winter is over and we all can get back to exploring (here I am at one of many Italian medieval settlements between the green hills of Montecudruzzo in Romagna region), but getting dressed in the morning in early spring can be a challenge!


I worked out a simple strategy that works great during the weather transition periods! I keep my outfit plain and essential that is easy to match: blue jeans, white shirt, grey sweater (basic uniform), but I add a twist with accessories or outerwear!



Here, I choose a pop up yellow jacket (a colorful light down-filled jacket is a great investment for spring) and contrasting baby blue scarf πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™ (after living in Italy for many years, I perfectly understand their obsession with scarfs, these look great, protect from wind, but can also be easily slipped off, if the weather gets hot). 😜


I choose to add color with my jacket and scarf, but if you can wear an essential color jacket and add color with shoes and purse instead! I find that if you spice it up in accessorie, even a basic wardrobe will look interesting! 😘 What do you think? What are your tricks for this unpredictable weather?! Please share! πŸ’‹


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