White Lace and Silk Flowers for Corpse Bride as a Star of Our Fashion Editorial

The Halloween Weekend is over and done with and to be honest with you, this year the costumes were quite disappointing (except that crazy bandage mummy, of course).  😉  However, I do have a little surprise editorial, shot in collaboration with my friend, Svetlana Knyazeva, to honor the ultimate star of Halloween, Miss Corpse Bride! 🙂

The look was all about white lace and sheer fabrics ❤ highlighted in petroleum green accessories!  Those who follow me, know my love for colorful accents, so this shoot I styled with the hint of color on jewels, silk-flower crowns, shoes and faux-fur bolero (one of my favorite wardrobe staples)!

The make-up had to be dark and intense, she was a Corpse Bride, after all! ❤ The skin was lightened with white press powder and contoured on cheeks and nose wings in dark purple to add super drama!  On eyes aqua and petroleum green shimmering shadows were used, as well as very dark black chunky mascara! The lips were outlined in black liner and filled with plum lipstick!  The last but not least, was to tint the hair greyje (yes, the latest hair trend of the season) with purple hair chalks!  The final effect was super glamorous with a touch of scary! ❤

The look was sealed by a colorful suede pump, in petroleum green, of course, to match the rest of accessories! ❤  Overall, our Corpse Bride had a bit of Hippy Mermaid Feel to her, maybe she was not very scary, but she sure was very romantic and delicately fashionable! ❤


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