Crazy Halloween Costumes, this year, I topped them all, as a Mummy! Yes, yes, the Egyptian Mummy!

So the Halloween weekend is over, boys and girls, did you do anything exciting?! Seen any great costumes?!  Those that follow me on instagram, know that mine was quite original, lol! 😛

Halloween Mummy Costume

Well, it was actually my friend’s idea and since we were performing, we all got dressed as Mummies. LOL!  Yes, I was in shock, as well, but it actually turned out pretty fun! 😉

Sexy bandage mummy halloween costume

The truth is we were kind of running low on time, as we had to perform shortly, but were nearly not ready with all those bandage-wraps, make-up and fake blood!   We kind of ended up looking like post-plastic-surgery patients, lol, but we sure were original and very fashionable, I would say! Check it out and judge for yourself!

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