Making a Small Christmas Tree from Wine Corks and Some Pebbles

Yeah, Christmas is around the corner and I am starting to decorate! 😍😍😍 As I am all about crafts and recycling today I made a small Christmas Tree from Wine Corks! 🎄💚


This project is very easy and fun! All you need is some corks (at least 20 but the more the merrier 😜) a glue gun and some pebbles or beads and bows to decorate your tree! 🎄💫💗


Start from the top and keep gluing your corks in a pyramid shape! 🔺 It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth, as Christmas tree is irregular 🎄, but it is good  to remember to keep the layers of similar heights, especially on the bottom (in order not to have a leaning tower of Pisa kind of tree).. 😉


This is how high my tree turned out, but one can go as high and wide, as one pleases!  I ran out of corks so my tree had to stop here! 😜


As a next step I pulled out some decorations! It is important to choose a color or two for the tree decorations and stick with it. I decided on red and silver-white! I made some red ribbon bows, twisted red and white pipe-cleaners for candy-canes and pulled out red and white glass pebbles! 💥🎊

I first decided to work from the top layer and glued the two red bows first, then layer by layer I added red pebbles and then white ones in between.. 😍😍😍


I decided to work from the top towards the bottom 🎄 gluing the two red bows on the top layer first 🎀🎀 then adding all the red pebbles 🔴🔴🔴 and then the white ones ⚪⚪⚪⚪ and sugar-canes in between! 😍😍😍
And yes, one should not forget the top 💥 I choose a shining star and a sparkling ball for my tree! 🎄 I added some fake snow and cute animals around my tree that now decorates my room! 😍😍😍 Hope you enjoyed this project and would love to see how yours turn out! Have fun and Happy Holidays, boys and girls! 😘😙


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