Oh Canada with All Fuscia Accessories


Hello boys and girls! I’m back in Canada and feel like a kid again 💗💙💟.. Isn’t it great to go back home for holidays?! You old room, sister sleepovers and Mami taking care of you, feels like back in High school, minus the teenage drama! 😘😙


I’m actually pretty lucky, because Toronto weather has been pretty mild and I even get to enjoy some winter sunshine in pink sunglasses! 💗💗 Don’t you just love those (borrowed them from my fashionable sister), as they worked with my fuscia scarf and purse!  😎


As you can see I am still on bright -colorful accessories streak, just help it, they brighten my days! And yes, don’t forget the bright lipstick, as well! 😗💋 I don’t think I ever matched all monochrome accessories in my life, but it turned out kind of cool! What do you think?! 💖


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