Vegas to Grand Canyon must see day trip

Hey boys and girls, if you are traveling to Vegas for more than 4 days, then totally consider investing a day in visiting the Grand Canyon! There are several ways of getting to the South Rim, like renting a car (if you are prepared to drive for 4,5 hrs there and then back), flying over by helicopter (budget and weather permitting) or going by bus tour!

We decided to go by a bus tour with Grand Canyon tours!  There are several operators selling tour on the strip for about $135 (you pay a deposit right away and the rest at pick-up) or you can buy it online for $79 (all have lunch included).   Make sure though that a company has new buses, as you do not want to travel for 10 hours on an old one!   Grand Canyon tour bus was fairly new and had some wifi connection; I could have used some more leg room between the seats, but in general the busses were ok and the driver was very nice!


The Gran Canyon trip will take you an entire day, as the shuttle bus will pick you up from your hotel at about 6:30am and will take you to the bus station!  There you will have a coffee and get transferred on a tour bus, that leaves at about 7 am.  The ride to the Canyon is about 4,5 hours and you will stop for lunch.  At the Canyon you will have about 3 hours, between two different places where you can walk around and take your photos, have a warm drink at the cafe’ or buy local native art or Canyon souvenirs!  At the end of the day, the bus will drop you off directly at your hotel, at about 9 pm.

When visiting Grand Canyon make sure to dress warmer and bring a scarf, as it  gets quite chilly and windy!  In fact, we ended up buying sweat shirts at the souvenir shop, because we were not ready for the weather!


The scenery at the GrandCanyon is incredible and the colours are beautiful, but you do not really get to climb anything, so I was kind of disappointed!  I imagined myself between some stone caves, but in reality, it is just an easy, breezy walk, as the Canyon is protected and no one can touch anything!  The walkway is fenced in most places, but in some points you can climb on the rocks to take photos!  Be careful though, as every year people actually die trying to take a crazy selfie in some extreme points (yeah, I know, it is kind of insane)!  So stay safe and enjoy, your trip, boys and girls!img_20151209_174016.jpg


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