Cirque du Soleil – ‘Ka’ is the Best Show in Vegas!



I have been a ‘Cirque du Soleil‘ fan ever since I got to shoot a  ‘Kohl’s’  commercial in collaboration with ‘LaNouba’ and learned about the group! Now, I try to see their shows whenever I can! This Quebec born ensemble born at the beginning of 1980’s, today hires top world athletes and artists to truly be the best in the world of entertainment!  💙💛💜💚💗

I probably saw at least 5 different ‘Cirque du Soleil’ performances, but nothing like ‘Ka’, yet! This show is something beyond AMAZING, from music to costumes (everything especially composed and designed by world’s top artists), from acrobats to capoeira combat fighters, from vertical wall climbing to archery, from puppetry to dance choreography!

‘Ka’ – which in ancient Egypt was considered a ‘spiritual entity- the life energy that resides within every man’ perfectly reflects in the show’s upbeat music and scenarios that take you on a sentimental life journey of a young couple through magical places with primitive, tribal traditions!

(the photos below are taken from ! )

‘Ka’ plays at ‘MGM Grand Hotel’ theatre and tickets start at $69.  However, even the cheapest seats have a great view of the show, as this theater design is spectacular! Check it out in trailer video  👇

This show has it all to keep you breathless and enthusiastic for all it’s 90 minute duration and leave you wanting more!  At the end of the show, the group got a standing ovation and I was clapping so hard, the palm of my hands were hurting! If you only have to see only one show in Vegas, make sure it’s ‘Ka’ and you Will Not regret it, trust me (and I am not just saying it, because now I am in love with its male performers, after all, what girl would not want to date an acrobat, lol) ❤ 💣💥🎊🎉🎈

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