Fashionable Snow Nostalgia in Winter Days

Yes, winter is almost over and we are all  cannot wait to be running around the in our bikini. However, this winter season was a bit disappointing, as there was practically no snow!


In fact, when I was in Canada I wanted to shoot many winter inspired editorials, something between Snow Queen and Fashionable County Girl!  So, I waited and waited, but snow had no intention of falling!..


I made my Snow Princess Crown, inspired by Russian traditional costume headpiece, called Kokoshnik! 💎💎💎 I made a pair of matching earrings with murano glass beads and tangles 💙.   I even found my mom’s 90’s vintage faux fur coat, called Casper (yes, like the friendly ghost and it actually said CASPER on the tag – isn’t it cute)?!

I found a pair of white cashmere gloves, decorated with small bead flowers (don’t you just love those little details, I know I do).. My accessories were ready all I needed was snow to decide on my final outfit! And so I waited..


The temperatures were getting lower and the air was colder and colder, but no sign of snow! 😓  I was getting pretty frustrated and impatient, after all I made a Kakoshnik for the shoot and Casper was ready to show off, as the best trend of the season – faux fur jacket! 💟


So, I figured I will shoot what it is! I found a pair of cowgirl inspired jean boots (yes, pointy is coming back and country cowgirl footweat were never as fashionable as today) and a little pale pink glitzy dress! 💟 If I was going to wait for snow on the the porch, then I was going to do it with ethnic glamor feel! 💎



My sister, Iddie Fourka, shot this Glamorized County Girl Editorial, while I was waiting for the snow on the wooden stairs! 😘😙 Turned out kind of interesting, but after all our sister shoots are always pretty cool, I will be posting more here soon!
Thank you, Iddie Meow, love you lots l and take care of Casper! 💋

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