Simple Jean Ensemble from Casual to Chic

Yes yes yes, spring is almost here and we cannot wait to run around half naked in our dresses and sandals, but the weather is moody and chilly and not even all that warm!  So, we do not quite know what to wear and how to wear it and when in doubt,  I say go to ESSENTIALS and accessorize with some STATEMENT PIECES, because nothing saves the look like the WARDROBE STAPLES during the season changes!


Lets start from a basic pair of jeans (all denim look here is from Bershka, because I love their jeans), these need a great Jean shirt for a perfect ALL DENIM ENSEMBLE or what is called a Canadian Tuxedo (no, it’s not what we actually wear to our Galas in Canada, but I gotta admit, there is a certain country appeal to an all jean look)!

Once got your basics, it’s time to accessorize! <3<3<3

Investing in some great SHOES, a brand name STATEMENT BAG, a classic CAMEL COAT, SUNGLASSES and a BRIGHT PASHMINA will give your outfit timeless elegance!

You don’t need to have million pieces, but do choose wisely and invest in quality, because your classic quality pieces will last you for years!  I bought this straight cut Max Mara camel coat with a sophisticate bow detail about 5 years ago and it is still one of my favorites!  It goes perfectly with Louis Vuitton classic monogram print structured bag (I actually inherited the bag, which proves that investing in great pieces will make your granddaughters happy one day) and teach them to add elegance to any outfit.  I stapled the look with a glamorous pair of sunglasses (these are Spitfire), a cranberry red pashmina (I personally got a collection of good scarves that make my winter outfits) and  a pair of red animalier pumps (got those some years ago and they are still one of my favorites)!

Don’t you love how accessorizing basic items with timeless classics will give the outfit a new glamorous life!   In fact, I am far from a classical style girl, but these essential pieces are a definite must in any girl’s wardrobe!  It’s not easy to be a fashionista in today’s economy (unless you are a millionaire, of course), so be smart and invest wisely to look always on top of the game! ❤


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