Fashion Trends Essentials You Must Have This Spring Season


Let’s see it’s spring and we all want to look pretty and fashionable without having to buy things you will never wear again! So here are the few season must haves you might want to invest in and trust me, these will serve you right through years!


1.)   A camel coat is a timeless classic that one can wear over blue jeans (love the color and style contrast between the two) for casual looks or dress skirts/pants for more elegant versions. Mine is by Max Mara (as in my opinion theit camel coats are amazing), but there is plenty of good quality choices out there!


2) A black chain Chanel style bag, as this timeless beauty will serve you in any situation! Of course, it doesn’t have to be Chanel, as those are quite pricy (I was lucky enough to inherit mine), but a good black leather with golden chain purse is every girl must have! 💣💫👜


3) Over the knee high black boots and now you can get them in all colors (grey suede have been a huge trend this season), but I still believe that a girl must start with black, as these are easier to match and paired with black tights will never vulgar!  Also, be careful of getting them just a bit over the knee, as having the boots go too high,  will risk of crossing a very thin line between looking sensual and trashy. 💣💥 Yes, I know, we all loved ‘Pretty Woman’, but none of us, actually wants to be perceived as one! 😎😈😇


4) Black turtle neck and basic warm sweaters will be your life savers! These can be paired with anything and everything, as the military and ‘Hunger Games’ trends move in, you will not get enough of these!


5) Faux fur vest in grey or beige is a must have to accessorize and change it up your look! Wear it on top of your coat or your sweater to add shizzazzzz.. 💥💣💫


Hope these basic fashion essentials pieces sum ups will useful and you will have tons of fun combining your outfits! As for me, it’s Monday and I am finally flu free, so I am running to the gym! Have a great week, boys and girls and stay fashionably smart! 😘😙

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