Spring All White Fashion Look with Golden Accents

Hey boys and girls, today some of you asked me on my facebook page why I was not posting as much and I am, but unfortunately was sick with a flu for the last 2 weeks, so mostly re-posting! However, thanks for the love and lets see chat about what I love fashion, art and nature! <3<3<3



So the fashion week is over and this time around it almost made me cry of joy, excitement and desperation!  Yes, it had soooo many things I love, colors, patterns, faux fur and lace, but I realized that I need to buy a whole new wardrobe.. <3<3<3  The pants became wide and flaired, the skirts long and wide, furs colorful and two piece suites rigorously matching!  Soo, it’s either I go vintage shopping into the 70’s/90’s or I need to robe a bank for a total wardrobe change! But let’s not despair and will see what we can save!

First of all, no more all black for colder seasons, so save your whites and pastel colored pieces! ❤   Yes, because pink, light blue and cream color faux fur jackets is what we are going to love and wear through the next colder seasons! <3<3<3 Soo, do be prepare to look like a fluffy bunny!

White lace and transparencies in tights, frilly dress shirts and airy dresses are all here to stay, so if you like me and love girly girl looks make sure you save those!

Accessories and golden details!   There nothing cooler than playing on contrasts and I just love adding light leather fingerless gloves and studded pumps to a very girly outfit!  It sort of like giving a kickass personality to a fluffy bunny look!  So save your pumps, your fingerless gloves, as long as these are light or colorful or even better GOLD!

Yes, gold will be everywhere, in accessories, clothing and accents! Sooo, are you as excited as I am, running as a fluffy girly bunny, I would say we are almost ready for Easter, but do not forget to add your personality and some golden accents and lilac hair <3<3<3!


Photos by my wonderful girlfriend Svetlana Knyazeva!

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