Flared Jeans, Chunky Platforms and Peonies for Spring Fashion Looks


Well, spring is back πŸ’ so are flared jeans, sheer fabrics and chunky platforms! πŸ’™Β  Everything reminds me of my school years and I am very excited to be back in flares again! 😍😍😍


Generally, I just love retro inspired fashion trends, but hippy styles always had a special place in my heart! πŸ’˜ Flares were born in 70’s, made a return in 2000s and now are knocking back onto our closet doors! πŸ’ Why not, they are super feminine, elegant, but boho-chic!Β  These jeans look great on curvy girls and skinny ones, but with one strict condition, they do require high-chunky heels (otherwise these might shorten your legs)! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜—


I love my flares dark, paired with beige or earth tone heels (these are by Tod’s) and light sheer transparencies!



Flares look great with light hippy shirts, elegant blouses or even pretty sweatshirts, if you are going for a more casual feel (especially on Sundays 😜 when you are picking flowers and making bouquets for grandma). πŸ’


My bouquet of pink peonies is done and it looks beautiful with this hippy chic look!Β  Hope you all are enjoying the spring as much as I am and be sure to pull out your flares for the weekend! πŸ’‹

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