All Flowery Outerwear for Spring Beach Walks

All those flowers 💐 blooming on our leggings, sweatshirts, jackets and scarves!  🌹🌹🌹 I always liked country style flowers on my dresses, but somehow in spring even the outerwear is blooming for our enjoyment! 💟


Don’t you just love how active and sports wear became so colorful and fashionable lately?!  💗 I certainly do and it puts me in a good mood working out or simply going for a walk in such fun patterns! 💐💐💐


It surprised me how I could probably make an entire head to toe outfit from pink roses patterns! 🌹🌹🌹 However, let’s not exaggerate! If wearing flower leggings (mine were given to me by my amazing sis Iddie), unless you have a perfectly matching top and going for pjs style (I wish, as it is the hottest trend of the season), try to keep the top neutral (or almost 💐)!


Yes, my sweatshirt got some roses on top part, that tie in this crazy outfit! The truth is, I was going for a beach walk and as it does get windy, so I added a pink patterned scarf (I have a huge collection of scarves, as these often complete my outfit and protect me from wind)! However, if you are not a scarf crazy person, you can throw on a neutral one in gray, pink or navy! 💗



Last but not least throw on a pair of shades and a jacket, if needed and you are ready to go and be fashionably active! 😎😗


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