Jeans, Dress Shirt, Shades and a pair of Heels is all you need for Spring Lunch Look!


Some days simple is definitely the best! 💙  Well, maybe not jeans and white T-shirt combo, but if you upgrade your T-shirt to a dress shirt, add some cool shades and a pair of heels, you are pretty much ready for anything! 😈😇



Nothing like the appeal of a pair of dark jeans (mine are Juicy Couture) and heels! 💙 I added a fun print shirt, as mine was a simple lunch with a friend, so I kept it casual!  However, a crisp monochrome baby blue, white or even pink dress shirt would make this look business lunch worthy! 😎



Accessories are the key to this look, as a pair of loafers or runners would make it sporty casual (great for a city or park walk), but a pair of thick heels or pumps add elegance and femininity for a lunch date! 😇😈



An elegant pair of shades add mystery and chic factor (mine are from Spitfire a London based brand, they are super cool and not very pricy). Sunglasses are always a great accessory to play with, but unfortunately I tend to loose at least 2-3 pairs a year! However, I never buy a department store ones, as it is important to protect our eyes from the sun (make sure they are 400 IU or 100% UVA/UVB protection, when buying your shades) and since I discovered the Spitfire Sunglasses I am pretty much covered! 😎😘



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