Juicy Track Suit for Day Spa Fratta Terme Outings.

I am huge lover of Juicy Couture suits! 😍😍😍 Yes, those velvet suits in bright colors worn by Desperate Housewives and Paris Hilton! πŸ’ŸΒ  Of course, they can be a bit kitsch for daily city life, but they are great for relaxing spa days and I always pack a Juicysuit for any vacation I go on (its on my must packing list and it always has its use)! πŸ’—


So if you are planning a weekend away or even a spa day, a pretty juicy suit is irreplaceable!  I wore mine on a thermal spa girls day out in Fratta Terme, which is a thermal bath center with real ferrous and sulfur waters, where you get massaged with water jets and hop from saunas to Hammam and do different treatments! 🌊


Italy is great for these places, as they have plenty of natural hot springs! β›² In fact, many of these places were first builtΒ  by Antique Romans, something like 2000 years ago!Β  Actually in Fratta Terme, there is a beautiful park with fountains build by Antique Romans of different mineralized water! β›²



The sulfur water is great to drink on empty stomach, it smells like eggs πŸ˜…,Β  but it’s great for your organism! In fact, we filled our bottles! 😜 While ferrous water is for people with anemia or low iron! 😎 Basically Antique Romans did not only take care of their looksΒ  (because after these baths the skin feels amazing, plus it helps ligaments and bones), but they also used the properties of drinking mineralized waters! 🌊



However, be careful in choosing the color and model, as some you will be able to use more than others! I just love this electric blue πŸ’™ with long zip up hoodie and slim pants, as it’s very comfortable and versatile! πŸ’™ In fact, I own a couple of juicy suits, but this one I do wear most, anywhere from beach and park walks (slim leg fit with elastic doesn’t get as dirty and doesn’t drag on the floor) to spas or hotel breakfast (as cute as pale pink might look, it just will not feel as appropriate in every environment). Of course, I do have a pink short top and wide leg version, as well, but this one I prefer to use at home or on vacation in tropic countries!Β  πŸ’— My advice would be to opt for electronic blue or gray for your comfy velvet suit rather than pink, red or black!Β  πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™


The Juicy suits are a bit pricy, but the details on them are totally worth it! πŸ’™ Little things from the J-zip to golden metal buttons or swarowski crystal embellishments! All these details are great, but probably best to keep them small and tasteful, as huge decorations even on juicy suits can get tiring and look quite tacky!Β  πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž


As for shoes, you don’t necessarily need to wear runners with this type of suit, as a pair of casual shoes will also look great! I opted for a pair of Circus by Sam EdelmanΒ slip-ons, as they were comfy, casual and colorfully fun!


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