Tapestry Dress and Little Signorina Secrets

The last weekend was the Orthodox Easter weekend, so ‘Христос Воскресе’    if you are Slavic and celebrating!  I don’t really celebrate, but I respect all religions and being of Eastern European origins I wanted to be festive!


Those who follow me, already probably noticed that my festive day looks are usually in what I call ‘Signorina Style’! 😗😘 Yes, I like to look stylish and girly! 💐💟💐


I love short structured dresses, but being fairly tall these often look pretty short on me! Therefore, in spring time I like to wear dark tights to cover up and avoid looking vulgar (yes, I personally want to look classy, never vulgar)! A little useful tip: matching your shoes with tights to be almost identical in color; this makes your legs look super long and who does not want longer legs?! 😜😗


I accessorized my flower tapestry dress signorina in monochrome pieces! In fact, I added a chocolate colored tights and pumps, and a pashmina (yes, I am major scarf lover, it’s a great accessory and very useful on windy days)!  As a purse I chose a caramel brown chained Chanel that would pull out the caramel gold tones in my dress, tying in all this look together! 🍮

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