Pastel One Piece is a Must a Spring Fashion Must Have


Yes yes yes Spring is here and I am loving it! 💚💜💙💛💗 All the flowers are blooming and sun is shining, so who wants to wear black these days?! Not me, because I am all about pastels this spring (and designers are showing pastels for the next year, as well, so the yummy ice cream colors are here to stay)!💚💛💜💙💗


I recently purchased a mint green jumpsuit, thinking it would be great with a pair of nude stilettos or silver sandals for dinners out or even garden weddings! 💐💐💐 However, it turned out to be a great day piece, as well, it can be paired with kitten heels or platforms or even Adidas Gazelles and a leather jacket! 😇😈


I wore mine this weekend for a nature outing 💚💐💙. Yes I just love getting out to the country on the weekends to enjoy the sceneries, look at the animals, collect flowers and eat good bio food at the local farms! 💐💚💐 Even though I grew up in a big city like Toronto, so I am not really a country girl, but I am certainly a nature lover! 💚💙💛



Obviously, it being a nature outing I needed a comfy shoe that wouldn’t stick into the ground a warm scarf and a cool leather jacket! 😎😗💣💥 No matter how you decide to wear your jumpsuit, I think it’s a great piece and a stylish, classy investment, you will use for years! There is only one thing, I would not recommend buying a one piece online, because it is not easy making sure it fits right (I personally had to try 4 different ones to find mine), but once you find your perfect one, you will surely love wearing it, even when driving a tractor! 💚💙💛💟💙



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