Blue Jeans and White T with a White Jacket Twist for Easy Spring Elegance

How are you doing, boy and girls! I’m soo busy running around between jobs and training, that I am starting to feel like a super woman! 😂😂😂


Yes, a super woman in blue jeans, white T-shirt and a Off White Dress Jacket! 💙 Yes, an off white jacket can dress up your casual spring outfit and give it a classy, elegant twist! 😗😈😇


Have you noticed how Instagram (yes, I am an IG addict 😂😂😂) is full of blue jeans (more or less ripped or tight) with white T-shirts (more or less short or tied up) and lots of enthusiastic peeps commenting on how great the outfit is! 👻 No comment on imagination! 😇😈


Yes, simplicity is often the best and it works for casual outings, but can a girl really live in a simple jeans and a T-shirt combo?! 😗😎 Well, I don’t know about other girls, but my T has to be pretty, preferably with lace or some kind of feminine touch and jeans consequently kept simple! 😇😈


I don’t know what these girls do all day to chill in a pair of jeans and a tie-up, but any super girl I know has a million things to do and people to meet! So, throwing a white dress jacket over the basic outfit, certainly adds elegance and makes the look much more busy life friendly! 💙


Being scarf obsessed (yes, living in Italy got me, because everyone is sort of scarf obsessed here and uses them to accessories) I add a blue one to tie up the look together and add a pop of color! 💙 It was my day off work, so I got away with a medium size navy chain purse and Adidas Gazelles on my feet! Yes, no heels needed on days off, while cappuccinos with the girls are essential! 😈😇💋



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